Patient Participation Group

PPG is a volunteer group of people from the local area the surgery services.

This group meet at regular intervals during the course of the year to assist in the continuous development of the surgery in making everyday things for you and the surgery better; encouraging continuous good practice and user friendliness.

Your support is valued in joining the group and/or with suggestions.

Click here to download the form to sign up for the PPG. Please return the completed form to the surgery.

Patient Survey 2016 - 2017

Patient Survey Results 2016 - 2017

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We at Priory Road Surgery feel it is important that patients are kept fully updated with our CQC inspections. As many of you know, Priory Road Surgery has been placed in Special Measures following a CQC inspection in December 2015. In continuation from this, the CQC recently inspected us on 31st August 2016 to see how we had changed.

As you should expect, we have made considerable improvements to our Practice since our first inspection and we want to share those details with you. Please click here (PDF, 1.09MB) to see the Presentation that we delivered to the CQC inspectors at our most recent inspection (31st August 2016).

The Presentation covers:

  1. Our background
  2. The types of services we offer
  3. How we tailor our services specifically for our patients
  4. How we tailor our services for the 6 patient groups identified by CQC
  5. What the CQC found in December 2015
  6. How we have addressed the issues identified by the CQC in December 2015.
  7. What we hope to have shown
  8. How we want to move forward
Local Services, Let
Local Services, Let